Dear friends of the Village Imuhira,

They’re called Onésime, Annick, Aristide, Aloys, Viviane… and they live in the hills surrounding the Village Imuhira. They each have a name, and their stories are often painful, because poverty causes pain.

In early January 2011, we assembled over 350 members of the local community, and took time to listen to them and assess the progress of our project. It was important to note the successes and failures of the past, and to give local people a say in some of the major decisions relating to the future. We were most impressed by the number of participants, their enthusiasm and the quality of their commitment. The findings of this meeting will serve as a basis for our plan of action for the next three years.

In the context of rural Burundi, the work of development seeks to: guarantee people access to education, safe water and health care; harness farming potential so as to fight food insecurity; discover ways of generating revenue locally; and encourage employment through training programmes for jobs which are particularly valuable in the region.
Aid to development also involves strengthening the capacities of local communities, creating mechanisms of solidarity, encouraging cooperatives, welding together the social network…
In short, development involves providing the means to help a community build its own future, while at the same time promoting a culture of peace and justice for all. That’s what we’re aiming at together.

We are also proud to inform you that the Village Imuhira is now fully electrified. Thanks to Energy Assistance, the technical school, the apiary and the primary school are all connected to the local electricity supply network. The other activities on the site continue to bring help to the destitute.

Annelyse Mary is currently in Burundi for three months. She has taken leave from her job in Belgium to serve as a volunteer, using her professional capabilities in financial management to help reorganise the Village Imuhira’s accounting system. The aim is to train Burundians to continue the task. Thank you, Annelyse!

We’d like to thank you once again for responding to our appeal for solidarity gifts. Please contact us if you wish to receive further promotion materials or organise an information meeting in your area. The project is growing, and we need your support more than ever. Thank you for your faithfulness!

The Village Imuhira team.