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Foundations of the technical school


Preparation of the midday meal


Flash News 43, November 2010

Dear readers,

This is the first Village Imuhira newsletter in English! Now that the website has been translated, we must keep you updated, as things are progressing so fast.

The newly built technical school, completed in summer 2010, is now functioning. Machines have been installed, wood has been purchased for the carpentry classes, the first orders have arrived and 20 students are now registered. The training is supervised by two carpenters from Switzerland, Guy and Stéphane. We are proud to announce that the school received a favourable report following inspection by the National Ministry of Education, and it has been named the Technical Secondary School of the Village Imuhira. The next stage will be to launch the masonry classes.

On November 16th, a team of volunteers from Energy Assistance take off from Belgium to electrify the Village Imuhira site. We wish them well and thank them for their commitment. This step is vital for the future progress of the whole project.

The literacy programme continues to develop. 800 adults have so far benefitted from it during the past three years – 493 are registered at present. During the coming year, we plan to open 15 new training centres throughout the region, on top of the 8 which are already in place. We continue to keep in contact with those who have graduated, to help them progress in every area of life.

The primary school now welcomes 600 pupils every day, all of whom receive a mid-day meal at the canteen.

A few months ago, a little boy named Aloys was suffering from severe diabetes and malnutrition. He was rushed to hospital in Bujumbura in a critical condition. Mercifully, his life was saved, but he’ll need regular care for some time.

In order to help more effectively those children who are particularly vulnerable, the Village Imuhira has decided to employ a full-time community health nurse.

The farm and beekeeping project, for which we have received a grant from the Belgian Embassy, is gradually taking shape. The first constructions have gone up, and the honey production is supervised by an apiarist sent by the SEL Projets in Belgium, Bernard Decot. He is launching a training programme for the local producers, teaching them the latest techniques.

Conditions are by no means easy for the inhabitants of the hills around the Village Imuhira, but small gestures of solidarity can make an enormous difference. Over these past five years, we have been able to provide the Burundians from Murumvya with vital tools enabling them to bring lasting change to their way of living. Hundreds of children – and adults – have already benefitted from the various programmes, which have been largely financed by the generosity of our donors.

If the Village Imuhira is new to you, we invite you to read attentively the pages of this website. If you live in the USA or the UK, feel free to contact one of our local ambassadors, Alison or Ludmilla. They both come from the Brussels youth group where the project was born five years ago. In the summer they organised a sponsored cycle ride to raise money for Aloys’ life-saving medical treatment. Now studying away from home, they will be delighted to give you further information.

Thank you for your interest in this project which is close to our heart.

The Village Imuhira cell-group.

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