Our aims and vision

The Village Imuhira is a pilot project set up in the Muramvya province of rural Burundi.

The project aims to restore human dignity by offering a global response to the serious poverty suffered by the local population.

Priority is given to helping those most vulnerable, namely children, orphans and uneducated teenagers.

A major emphasis is placed on education, a key factor in the struggle against poverty.

All the activities are intended to further lasting community development, and are adapted to the local situation. Resources are managed as wisely and efficiently as possible, with due respect to the environment.

By helping the Burundians become makers of their own destiny, the project seeks to combat every form of “dependency mentality”.

The Village Imuhira is inspired by Christian values. The faith of the leaders is lived out and shared in a spirit of openness and respect.

All aid is given unconditionally, irrespective of ethnic group, social class or religious or political opinion. The project aims to promote a climate of peace, reconciliation and justice within the local community.

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