Our partners

The Village Imuhira project is jointly managed by three partners working closely together:

in Burundi

  • The Agence pour le Développement et la Protection de l’Environnement (ADEPE), a Burundian NGO, has already been involved various humanitarian activities. These include leadership training and literacy programmes, local development projects, food and agricultural aid and the promotion of clean energy supplies… Emphasis is also laid on ethical and moral values – essential for the reconstruction of the country.

in Belgium

  • The Service d’Entraide et de Liaison (SEL) Projets, a Christian non profit organisation, works in direct cooperation with partners in five Third World countries. It seeks to help needy populations through child sponsorships, development aid projects and emergency relief. As a registered charity, the SEL is able to offer fiscal deductions to its donors in Belgium.
    On a practical level, the Village Imuhira cell-group (comprising mostly volunteers) has been raising support for the project and monitoring its progress from the very beginning.

in Switzerland

  • The association Au Village Imuhira was founded in 2006 following a series of “chance meetings”. This support group is now fully involved in the management of the work in Burundi.

Dutch, French

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